Happy Customers

Greg Ulrich, Kittery ME

Owain Harris built cabinetry on three levels of our home, he designed and then installed a Japanese shoji screens in the bedroom, a kitchen island, and a complete office suite including a standing desk for my wife’s office.  The work was beautifully done, and showed strong attention to detail.  Owain was accommodating in making all adjustments and changes when I requested them, he also was able to work with different materials, the office suite was topped in soapstone and the installers were able to quickly and easily get a perfect fit.  The standing dest was topped in leather, he found great supplier and did a very professional job on the inlay surface.

In all the work Owain performed, he was the consummate professional in every way.  I strongly recommend his craftsmanship and talent.  And would be glad to show his work to anyone willing to visit our home in Kittery Point, Maine.

Dr. William Howell, Boston MA

Owain Harris is a wonderful cabinetmaker.  I mean that in the strongest 17th-century sense: his skill as a designer, engineer, and craftsman is uncanny; he does things with wood that are more or less unbelievable—that seem impossible until they appear from his shop fully formed and totally functional.  In addition to being spooky-good at his job, he also happens to be a joy to work with.  Over the years, he and I have collaborated on projects big (a bentwood bed) and small (cutting board; correspondence box; restoration of a Paul McCobb table)—in every case, I’ve found him to be a terrific communicator who does things on time and on budget.  I look forward very much to working with him again and I recommend him in the highest possible terms.

Tony and Lee Irons, Barrington New Hampshire

Owain Harris built us this beautiful kitchen.  The craftsmanship and attention to detail is outstanding.  His assistance in design resulted in a superbly functional kitchen.  He included a tea caddy and slide-out trash bin which makes the space a joy to use. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Harris to any homeowner.  He was prompt, fair, and gave us the highest quality product.

Luci and Hugh Gardener, Durham NH

We love our six foot eight by four foot, twelve panel, mahogany custom door made by Owain Harris.

From inception we had a collaboration: Owain and the Gardners on the design, the wood, the color and the finish.

Owain did a mock-up of the possible designs: number of panels, arches, squares or rectangles; the stile and rail length and widths; relationship of the new door to the existing architecture. We had many visits to the coming-into-being of the door; Owain was always easy to work with, guiding but not choosing.

But Owain, the wood lover, alone, created the stiles and rails and each of the twelve panels separately, following the wood grain, routing, turning until each was a thing of beauty and then assembled the whole:  twenty-four panels, front and back and, at Owain’s suggestion, insulation between.

The way of our door has not been without troubles, as, there were some problems with the wood itself, but, always there was Owain, calling every outdoor woodmaker, every wood finisher, every resin, water and oil based finishing company asking advice, always getting back to us and always owning the problem. Owain will not settle for less than perfection and gracious, determined perfection is what he gave us.

In sum, our Owain Harris door is more than a well-insulated, stalwart front door. It is a door with integrity: handsome and then some. Everyone should have such a door.